Demonstration Videos

The following are a number of videos that demonstrate registration with the Mobile Connect Canada service, as well as enrolment at sample online service.

Registering with Mobile Connect takes less than a minute. Simply download and open the app the Mobile Connect Canada app on Android or iOS. Your mobile number will be discovered and verified automatically, and you will be enrolled into the Mobile Connect service. Optionally, you can elect to have your name and postal code verified against records held by the telcos so that you and online service providers have that extra layer of identity assurance when using Mobile Connect. None of your personal information, including your phone number, name or address is shared with online service providers without your express consent.

Register with Mobile Connect

In this example, an existing user who has already registered with Mobile Connect uses Mobile Connect to access a new Service Provider with whom they already have an account. They click on Mobile Connect to authenticate rather than using their existing username and password. Mobile Connect will deliver a new unique reference ID for the user, the pseudonymous customer reference or PCR. Since the Service Provider has never seen the PCR, they ask the user to enter their username and password in order to link the PCR to an existing account. The user needs to do this only once.

First time use at a new Service Provider (Web Login)

In this example, a Mobile Connect user logs into an existing Service Provider with whom they have already linked their Mobile Connect account. They click on Mobile Connect to authenticate rather than using their existing username and password. Once they have confirmed the transaction in the Mobile Connect app, they are immediately taken to the user home page since the Service Provider will have recognized their PCR from when they were there the last time. No additional steps required.

Using Mobile Connect (Web Login)

Once a Mobile Connect user has linked their account to a Service Provider, they may use Mobile Connect to authenticate at ANY online channel, including a call centre or IVR, assuming that the Service Provider uses a centralized authentication server for all their services. In the case of a call centre, this eliminates users having yet another PIN or passcode for the IVR channel alone, and displaces 15-30 seconds of identity verification questions at the beginning of a call. This saves time and money, and provides a secure, consistent user experience across all Service Provider online channels.

Using Mobile Connect (Call Centre / IVR)

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