Secure digital identity is

 now in your hands

Mobile Connect is a new service that lets you login to websites and apps on any device without having to remember usernames or passwords.  You are safely identified through your mobile number.

About Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect is a new, simple single-sign-on service that lets you log into online services using a single digital ID based on your mobile phone.  It's just like using Facebook or Google ID’s to eliminate having multiple usernames and passwords, except with enhanced security and privacy.  Instead of using a username and password, you get a ‘pop-up’ message on your phone asking you to login.  This might seem a little funny at first, but it’s actually really important in order to protect your online accounts from hackers who would otherwise try to steal your username and password and take over your accounts.

  • Simple

  • Secure

  • Private

Mobile Connect is backed by the world's largest mobile operators and the 
GSM Association to ensure safety, security, and privacy. 

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Air Canada


Default Password=



Default Password=

My Bell Mobile


Default Password=

TELUS My Account


Default Password=

Bell Canada


Default Password=

Fido Mobile


Default Password=

OAB Test Site


Default Password=

Transferwise 2FA


Default Password=

Canada Revenue Agency


Default Password=

Loto Québec


Default Password=

Presto Enrolment


Default Password=


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