Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Connect and how does it work?

Mobile Connect is a single-sign-on service that lets you log into any number of online services using single ID based on your mobile phone.  It’s just like using Facebook or Google ID’s to log into other online services, except instead of using a username and password, you get a ‘pop-up’ message on your phone asking you to login.  This might seem a little funny at first, but it’s actually really important in order to protect your online accounts from hackers who would otherwise try to steal your username and password and take over your accounts.















How secure is Mobile Connect?

Mobile Connect is safer and more secure than password-based systems since there is no central repository of passwords anywhere. Your mobile phone number is your digital identity (like a username), and you verify transactions using your phone – a secure device that you always have with you, and a PIN code or fingerprint – which only you know or have.  Under the covers, Mobile Connect also uses embedded cryptographic credentials similar to those used in credit card and banking networks to secure your phone and your transactions.  By using a different, registered device (your phone) to authenticate to online services, and by allowing only authorized services to use Mobile Connect, Mobile Connect protects you from all kinds of threats, including spyware, phishing, key-loggers, and other man-in-the-middle attacks.  It is virtually impossible for hackers to break in, and your online accounts will be protected.

Where can I use the service?

Websites and applications offering the service display the Mobile Connect logo. It works when logging in on any internet-enabled device – computer, tablet, smart or feature phone but remember it is always your mobile phone that confirms your identity. For now, Mobile Connect is only available in Canada for mobile users on Bell, Rogers and TELUS.  Other mobile service providers are planned for the future.  You must be an active mobile subscriber on one of these participating mobile networks in order to use Mobile Connect.

Will my personal information be shared with other people?

Unlike some social media brands, we take security and privacy seriously.  The Mobile Connect service doesn’t share any information about you with any online service provider without your consent – not even your phone number.  By default, the only information service providers see about you is a unique, anonymous customer reference number, which contains no personally identifiable information.  Your customer reference number is also unique to each service provider, so that where you go and what you do online is not traceable by them or anyone else.  Our complete Privacy Policy can be found here.

To use Mobile Connect in Canada, you’ll need to be an active subscriber of any participating Mobile Service in Canada (today, including Bell, Rogers and TELUS).  You’ll also need to download and install the Mobile Connect Canada app.  Instructions on how to get the app, register, and use the service are contained in the following sections.  The Mobile Connect app is currently available for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones.

Getting Started

To use Mobile Connect, you need to first download the mobile app.

  1. Go to the app store for your device (Apple or Google Play)

  2. Search for ‘Mobile Connect Canada’ and download the app.

  3. When you open the app, it will automatically retrieve your mobile phone number, and verify that your account is active and in good standing. It will also exchange anonymous security credentials with the Mobile Connect service that are used each time you use the service to validate that your device is the original device enrolled with the service.

  4. You’ll also be asked to verify your name and postal code (optional), and select a new PIN code to protect your Mobile Connect account.  You will use the PIN code whenever you use Mobile Connect to log into an online service provider. If your phone supports it, you may also use your fingerprint instead of your PIN.  Checkout settings to enable this feature.

Once complete, you are ready to go.  You will be registered to use Mobile Connect at any participating service provider.

Using Mobile Connect


To use Mobile Connect at any participating online service provider:

  1. Go to the service provider’s login page on the web and click on the Mobile Connect button.

  2. You’ll see the Mobile Connect pop-up requesting that you enter your mobile number.  This identifies who you are (like a username), and isn’t shared with the service provider.

  3. Enter your mobile number (including country code and area code). You can also click “Remember my details” so that we remember your mobile number for next time.

  4. Once you click “Next”, you’ll receive a notification on your phone from the Mobile Connect service.

  5. Click on the notification to open the app and follow the instructions.  You should see the request from the service provider.  You’ll then be asked to click “OK” or enter your PIN or fingerprint in order to accept the transaction.

  6. Once complete, the Mobile Connect pop-up on the web page should disappear, and you’ll be directed back to your online session with your service provider.

  7. If you’ve never used Mobile Connect at this Service Provider, you may be asked to login the old-fashioned way in order to link your service provider account to Mobile Connect.  You’ll only need to do this once.  


The next time you go to the service provider, just click on Mobile Connect.  You’ll be able to authenticate using your phone just like before, and go right into your user home page.  It’s that simple.

Who sets up my PIN code?

You do.  When you first register for the Mobile Connect service, you will be asked to set up your PIN code.  Only you will know it.  It is stored in an encrypted form within your phone, and only you will have access to it.  If you lose it, not even your mobile service provider can help you out.  You will need your Recovery Code in order to gain access to your account again.  Keep your PIN and Recovery Code safe.  Don’t share them with anyone.

What is a Recovery Code?


Your Recovery Code is a secret 16-digit alphanumeric code that you can use to recover your Mobile Connect account in the event that you delete the Mobile Connect app, change your phone or phone number, SIM card, or otherwise change your mobile account with your service provider.  Any of these circumstances may require that you enter your Recovery Code into the Mobile Connect app in order to be certain that only you can gain access to your Mobile Connect account.   You can retrieve your Recovery Code within the ‘Settings’ menu with the app.  Keep your Recovery Code in a safe place, and do not share it with anyone else.

What happens if I change my mobile phone or mobile service provider?

You must be an active mobile subscriber at a participating mobile service provider in order to use Mobile Connect.  If you change your mobile phone or mobile service provider, you’ll need to reinstall the Mobile Connect app (if needed).  You’ll be able to recover a your Mobile Connect account using your Recovery Code, along with the mobile phone number that you used previously to register with the Mobile Connect service, then swap to a new number if your number has changed.  Remember, keep your Recovery Code in a safe place, and do not share it with anyone else.

What happens if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you should immediately contact your mobile service provider.  They will temporarily suspend your mobile account so that you do not incur any unwanted service charges in the event someone else is using your phone.  If needed, they can also set you up with a new phone and reactivate your service.  During this time, no-one will be able to use your Mobile Connect account.  When you get your new phone, you can reinstall the Mobile Connect app and use your Recovery Code to recover your Mobile Connect account.  Remember, keep your Recovery Code in a safe place, and do not share it with anyone else.

What happens if my mobile account is suspended or terminated?

You must be an active mobile subscriber at a participating mobile service provider in order to use Mobile Connect.  If your account is suspended or terminated for any reason, your Mobile Connect service will also be suspended.  If you activate another phone or on another mobile service in Canada that also supports Mobile Connect, you’ll be able to recover your account using your Recovery Code, along with the mobile phone number that you used previously to register with the Mobile Connect service, then swap to a new number if your number has changed.

Security Tips

  • Keep your PIN code safe – You can set your PIN code, and only you will have access to it.  It is not stored in our servers or accessible by our service, including your mobile service provider.  To protect your online accounts, you should not share your PIN code with anyone else.

  • Save your Recovery Code – it’s the only way for you to recover your Mobile Connect account is you delete the app, change phones or phone numbers, or otherwise change the configuration of your device.

  • Avoid suspicious web sites – Only use Mobile Connect were you see the Mobile Connect logo.  To ensure your privacy and security, only registered service providers that we have authorized can use Mobile Connect.

  • Don’t download unknown software to your PC – Malicious software or ‘malware’ contains backdoors, spyware and viruses which will compromise your PC and allow hackers to take over your online accounts.  If you don’t trust the application, don’t download the software.

  • Keep your PC secure – To keep hackers out, use and keep your anti-virus software up to date, use firewalls in your PC’s and router, and always install the latest security updates.

  • Jailbreaking is risky – Jailbreaking allows you to install apps from outside a trusted app store.  It can also expose your phone to malicious software that allow hackers to see what you are doing, intercept messages, takeover your accounts, or even disable your phone altogether.  Do not jailbreak your phone – you put yourself and others at risk.

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